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Megan Pauvaday
Written by Mary Jane Kirstaetter
Thursday, 01 September 2011 23:34

Having healthy & beautiful nails is definitely not an easy job! This I can say from my experience.

Being someone who always had fragile nails, I tried a lot of alternatives before trying Mary Jane K's Nails Extension Service. I had my first nail extension done abroad from a branded place, believing that high quality products would be used & good after-sales service. But to my dissatisfaction, I was very much disappointed as started having problems just after a few days with my growing nails. My other option was to have regular Manicure & Pedicures... but it is very time-consuming and this is a real prob as I am being quite busy. This is not a very practical solution.

Nail Extension was something that I swore NOT to repeat ever again. However, I was lucky to be introduced to Mary Jane K's Nails Extension Service. I was very much impressed by her 'Savoir-faire' regarding her profession just over a phone call. It was definitely a long one... LOL. But, she attended to all my queries and after hanging up, I wanted to learn more about LCN and I was very much convinced by what I read.

Mary Jane is someone that you feel knows her subject really well, she knows what she is talking about. I got the confirmation after experiencing both the the Hand Nail Extension & Pedi Gel. I can say based on my own experience, that she is someone highy dedicated & professional and this without any exaggeration. She attends to all your questions & also gives advices to her client about what is good & not good when doing nail extension. And the part that I believe in extremely is the after-sale service. Mary Jane smsd & called me checking if everything is fine regarding my nails as she knew how afraid I was before going for the nail extension.

Based on my experience to have high-quality product and service accompanied with good after-sales service is a very hard combination to find on the island of Mauritius. But I must say Mary Jane Nail Extension Service offers a highly customer oriented approach. On this note, my personal advice to all prospective customers who has an interest in doing a nail extension have to at least try Mary Jane K - Exclusive Nail & Skin Care to experience the difference.

I have already adopted it!

Continue the good work & all the best, Mary Jane.