Mary Jane K - Exclusive Nail & Skin Care

Maryline Ng Tat Mew
Written by Mary Jane Kirstaetter
Saturday, 30 July 2011 13:15

I am absolutely confident about the nails I have today, no matter if it is my finger nails or toe nails.

I do a lot of manual work, and I am constantly using a lot of water. My natural nails used to break all the time and sometimes also right where the flesh is. This was just as irritable as painful. I also have been using nail polishes of nice and well-known brands, and had my nails turn yellow or even see how my natural nails dried out only due to nail polish or maybe also due to the remover. Now, with Mary Jane K, I no more have all these problems...

At the moment, I have a nice french manicure with gel that looks natural and gorgeous even after slightly more than four weeks, and the little accent with stickers (lovely white flowers) on my ring fingers are still there. As for the toes, it is simply wonderful... my french pedicure with gel again stays up to seven weeks and the discolouration I had on the toe nails due to polishes cannot even be seen.

For a lady in the 50's, I feel young and glamorous having such nails. Before, I never noticed how much people pay attention to nails. Indeed they do and I have had only compliments up to now.

I cannot wait for the arrival of their new products and would definitely love to try the Spa rituals I heard so much about as well as the colour gels. Great job and wonderful service at Mary Jane K!

Maryline Ng Tat Mew