Mary Jane K - Exclusive Nail & Skin Care

Official Launch
Written by Mary Jane Kirstaetter
Sunday, 31 July 2011 09:00

Mary Jane K - Exclusive Nail & Skin Care

31.07.2011 - Flic en Flac, Mauritius
As partner of Wilde Cosmetics in Germany we very proud to launch our initial website to promote the quality and purity of LCN (Light Concept Nails) products in Mauritius. We are providing detailed information about the services and products you can book with us, and will keep you updated with recent trends of LCN worldwide.

After attending several courses of the LCN education program, namely LCN Intensive Elite Nail Design, SPA Nail & Hand Care and Nail Art Basics, we put our knowlegde and our growing expertise on a solid fundament. Being part of the beauty industry demands to live up to "the state of art" of new trends, products and technologies. Furthermore, we are continuously looking forward to follow more seminars and power workshops by LCN to offer more treatments and possibilities for our clientele here in Mauritius.


About Wilde Cosmetics

Wilde Cosmetics is a modern cosmetics firm providing innovative and high quality cosmetic products and services for the cosmetic market. Our core competence is the field of fingernail cosmetics. We provide the perfect equipment for Nail Designer Salons with our extensive range of light-curing resins for reinforcing and extending fingernails.

The LCN brand covers products for hand, nail and foot care as well as facial care (microdermabrasion), decorative cosmetics and permanent make-up.

The LCN range of products is supplemented by MONTEIL, the well-established and high-quality facial care brand. These luxurious care lines are available in privately-owned cosmetic and perfume stores as well as in exclusive cosmetic salons.