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LCN SPA Hydro & Balance
Written by Mary Jane Kirstaetter
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 18:11

Water is the most significant element in the history of mankind – cross-cultural symbol of vitality, purity and renewal. The human body is made up of more than 70% water. The sustained storage of moisture in the body is the cornerstone of all LCN SPA Spirit of Water products and is used in combination with high-quality, nourishing ingredients. Along with the well-known active ingredients in the LCN SPA Hydro & Balance products are based on an extract complex from the resurrection plant and an anti-photoageing active ingredient from the mayten tree (DN-AGE®), as well as an extract from the root of the Imperata cylindrica plant.

Hydro & Balance Active Ingredients

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: “Resurrection plant” (Myrothamnus)“Resurrection plant” (Myrothamnus). This frugal plant, which is native to South Africa, is resistant to heat as well as cold. It owes its name to its capacity to need very little water. It is tolerant of droughts and can outlive almost complete deprivation of cell water without any loss of vitality. Use of this extract makes the skin store moisture. The proven natural protection from heat and cold carries over to the skin.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: DN-AGE Active Ingredient from the Mayten Tree (Cassia Alata Leaf Extract)DN-AGE® Active Ingredient from the Mayten Tree (Cassia Alata Leaf Extract). Cassia alata leaf extract, obtained from the tropical mayten tree, contains special anti-photoageing active ingredient. It has comprehensive prevention properties and intensively protects cell DNA from the negative effects of the UV radiation on the skin. Due to intense solar radiation, the mayten tree forms K3OS molecules (Kaempferol-3-O-Sophoroside), which protects it from UV radiation. This molecule can be found in and around the nucleus of the plant cells protecting its DNA from UV damage. The active ingredient DN-AGE®, procured from mayten tree leaves, reduces the negative effects UV radiation has on the skin. In addition, it supports cell and tissue regeneration.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: Cogon Grass (Imperata Cylindrica)Cogon Grass (Imperata Cylindrica). Cogon grass is a plant that can survive in saline soil or in desert regions. The root extract is rich in potassium and 3-dimethylsulfoniopropionate. It compensates for moisture loss and causes the osmotic balance in cells to be maintained. This active ingredient is especially effective on dehydrated skin. The intensively hydrating root extract has an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: Papaya Fruit ExtractPapaya Fruit Extract. Thanks its variety of amino acids, vitamins A and C, potassium, and he important enzymes, this extract, which is obtained from the juice contained in the fruit and leaves, has an anti-bacterial and nourishing effect. Its greatly regenerating and toning effect can smooth and support even stressed skin.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: Ozeangold. Sea Water contains approximately 73 verifiable mineralsOzeangold®. Sea Water contains approximately 73 verifiable minerals and trace elements that can be found in a highly concentrated form in Ozeangold®. Ozeangold® is a concentrate of natural minerals and trace elements. All its minerals and trace elements can be easily absorbed by the cell membrane and outstandingly utilized by the body. This active ingredient from the sea is made up of natural minerals, magnesium, and significant trace elements Sea salt restores the skin's natural moisture levels. The complexion is visibly improved.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: Japanese Mandarin OrangeJapanese Mandarin Orange. Japanese mandarin orange is characterized by its high concentration of tyramine. Tyramine blocks the systhesis of melanin, thereby possessing skin brightening properties. In addition, it soothes the skin and has anti-bacterial effect. This is an especially valuable active ingredient for dry and sensitive skin.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: ParacressParacress. A plant native to Asia from whose leaves active ingredients can be obtained that smooth the skin especially quickly. The toning active ingredient spilanthol is natural and completely herbal.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: Hibiscus ExtractHibiscus Extract. In China, hibiscus blossoms are a symbol of glory, riches, and luxuriousness. Rich in flavonoids, it neutralizes free radicals that enter the body via environmental toxins or metabolic processes. In addition, flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and antiangiogenic effect.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: SheabutterSheabutter. This high-quality butter is obtained by cold pressing the pulp from the nuts of the shea tree. It smooths, nourishes, and protects. The result is a wonderfully soft feeling on your skin.

  • LCN SPA Hydro & Balance Active Ingredient: Sesame OilSesame Oil. Cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the oldest and most significant oil plant in the world. Sesame seeds contain 45% of the mild and slightly nutty oil with a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. It naturally protects the skin from light and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

“Spirit of Water” treatment concept

symbolizes the power of the new LCN SPA Hydro & Balance products. Water is powerful, beneficial, and energy-rich element. Hardly any other element is so significant in cosmetics and skin care. Water storage capacity, water content, optimal supply of water from the inside and outside, and water as a carrier for active ingredients. All that is meaningful and has a significant influence on the radiance and properties of our skin. Spirit of water goes above and beyond function. The new LCN hand care ritual utilizes the full value of water as well as all its energy and power. The beneficial and energetic effects of water are known. All life originated in the sea. Without water, there would be no life. Other cultures also speak of “chi”, vitality.

Used independently or as a part of a combination spa ritual, our products are designed or the ultimate experience in relaxation, holistic health, natural beauty and tropical luxury.